MCL/BJM Community Impact Report: Use and Visitor Statistics 


Part 1: Statistics for Use of the Services and Space at the Mayagüez Children’s Library

In 2019 the Mayagüez Children’s Library operated from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Thursday and 9:30 AM – 1:00 PM Friday and Saturday.  In the period from March 1, 2018 to September 30, 2019 a total of 5,697 visitors registered in our computerized system. The following table shows the age of these patrons in order of frequency of use. The data in the table refer to users of library services such as book loans, computer and WiFi use, and help finding information.  The data  does not include participants in special programs and activities such as book presentations.

Age Group

Number of Patrons

16-20 years


51-60 years


41-50 years


31-40 years


5-15 years


61-70 years



Part 2: Use of the Library Space

The table below shows the uses our patrons made of library services and space in the same time frame as above mentioned above. Attendance at special events and programs is kept on sign-up sheets, not in the computerized system so was unavailable for this report.



Number of People

Used computers (for school assignments, filling out government forms, job searches, social networks, access to email)


Used library WiFi with personal devices


Used facilities as a meeting space


Read books and magazines


Printed documents or images


Copied documents or images


Bought second-hand books


Searched for information (including university researchers working on theses)



(from experience includes parents waiting fo their children, visitors finding the library for the first time, people leaving information about their businesses or services, repair and internet technicians)


Part 3: Statistics for Attendance at Mayagüez Children’s Library Programs and Events

The bulleted list below presents attendance information for a variety of our many educational and cultural events and programs.

  • Job Fair with the US Census Bureau (10/21/2019): 22 attendees
  • Presentation of children’s literature Imaginary Parks (10/19/2019): 10 attendees
  • Conversational English Class (10/19/2019): 16 attendees
  • Chess club (10/19/2019): 5 attendees
  • Visit from Elohím Educational Center: 28 attendees
  • Documentary presentation (11/10/2019): 7 attendees
  • Presentation children’s book “Achú, achú, Pirulo”: 39 attendees
  • Stamp Club (10/3/2019): 9 attendees
  • Visit from Seasonal Family Development Center – Diocese
    Hormigueros (09/27/2019): 11 attendees
  • Book Presentation Word of Mouth. Puerto Rican Sayings (09/25/2019): 9 attendees
  • Homeschoolers Reading Marathon REASONS (09/20/2019): 34 attendees
  • Puerto Rican and Latin American Reading Marathon (6/09/2019): 24 people      
  • Book Presentation El Finalito (09/17/2019): 32 attendees
  • Book Lovers Day (9/09/2019): 38 attendees
  • Informative Talk on breastfeeding (08/10/2019): 12 attendees
  • Back to School (08/11/2019): 54 attendees