This past June and July, Prof. Ramona Rivera Febres, the founder of Antifaz, a non-profit theater organization, offered her innovative idea to a group of children at the BJM on five Saturdays.

Profa. Rivera selected stories of interest to be adapted and transferred to the stage. In the first of five classes she read them with the children and discussed the possibilities of adapting them to the stage. Then the children selected one and with the help of their teacher, they suggested the action and dialogue of the new drama; the teacher produced the script of the new version of the story on her computer. The children received instruction in various aspects of a theater production such as voice projection and gestures necessary to communicate emotions and rehearsed their roles several times before presenting the full production for their families without the help of their teacher.

The play produced this summer was a new version of “The Three Little Pigs” in which the pigs and the wolf become friends and have snacks together in the strongest house of all – the one built of books.