The Mayaguez Children’s Library, its Board of Directors, its employees, members and users from all over the community of Western Puerto Rico express our heartfelt appreciation for Monica’s support of the library at its founding and over the past 31 years.

Before retiring to Rincon in 1991 with her beloved husband Frank, Monica had already lived a life rich in family, work, and community service, moving between her native Austria and the US. In her first year in Puerto Rico Monica, a life-long lover of reading, found her way to make a difference here too by generously donating her time and efforts to making the library a reality and to keeping it running. For six-seven years she and two friends came to Mayagüez on Fridays to run the library; the three women did everything – they ran the front desk, processed donated books, kept the card catalogue up-to-date, and faithfully returned books to the shelves so they would be ready for the next child to find and enjoy.  In addition, she served on the Mayaguez Children’s Library Board of Directors from 2009 through 2012. 


Monica shared her life with her friends and became actively involved in her adopted community during the more than thirty years that she and Frank resided in western Puerto Rico. So that you can learn more about her work, we share with you some of the comments from people who knew her well.

(Monica was) always ready to help and left a legacy for the future of the children. Thank you, Monica Martin for caring about our children’s education.

She had a very interesting and active life and her love for her family and friends was immense. No doubt a life well lived and a role model for us.

Many of us felt she was like a beloved, always happy and welcoming aunt.

Monica and her daughter Liz

Monica and Frank

Monica and her grandchildren who she took to the library when they came to visit.

I became friends with Monica through the RINCON Book Club which she founded. Let me just say she was an avid reader and always on the lookout for how she could help her community.

Loved our conversations; a truly beautiful lady who was a cornerstone in the IFC.  A great friend who was loved by all who knew her.

Monica was such a wonderful, dear person who touched the lives of so many of us. It was truly a privilege to have known her.

Will remember her kindness and friendship. She lived an inspiring, long life. She will, indeed, be dearly remembered.