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How Can I Get Involved?


1. Donate Books, Equipment and Materials


Does the Mayagüez Children’s Library (MCL) want your books?  The answer is YES and NO.

YES, in Spanish and English, fiction and non-fiction for children and youth (up to 18 years of age), contemporary fiction and non-fiction for mature readers, classics and works by famous writers that have stood the test of time.

NO, neither Spanish nor English, NO ENCYCLOPEDIAS, DICTIONARIES OR TEXTBOOKS.  NO BOOKS IN BAD CONDITION.  Books with water, humidity or termite damage should go in the trash.

Please DO NOT leave books in the open areas in front of the elevator – ground floor or 3rd floor.  It is against fire department regulations.

Please call the library (787-831-1595) to make arrangements to deliver the books.

Equipment and Materials

If you have equipment or materials to donate, please contact the Director of Operations, Aida Mejía, at 787-831-1595 or at to determine if they will be useful and to arrange for their delivery.

2. Join Our Team of Volunteers – Donate Your Time or Talents

Volunteers play an important role in our organization. They catalog books, read stories to children in schools and at the library, help plan special events, and they lead workshops.  If you would like to volunteer, please send an email message to Mr. Valeriano Weyler, our Director of Programs and Community Outreach, at:

Consider serving on the Board of Directors of the Library.  People with specialized knowledge of libraries, information technology, grant writing, and finances will find lots to do to help make this community library run more smoothly.  If you are interested, please send an email message to Joan Baker, President of the Board of Directors at:

3. Donate Money

There are several ways you can donate money to our institution:

 Deliver your donation to the library in cash or send a check or money order to our address on the homepage,

 Donate using ATH Móvil pATH /bibliotecajuvenil, in the section Donate,

 Donate online through PayPal.  Click below.


Note: The Mayagüez Children’s Library /Biblioteca Juvenil de Mayagüez (MCL/BJM) Inc. is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation in both Puerto Rico (Hacienda) and the United States (IRS). Therefore, your donations are tax-exempt to the extent of the law. Please consult your tax accountant and/or lawyer for income tax advice.