What makes the Mayaguez Children's Library Special?

The Mayagüez Children’s Library is the first community, public, independent and bilingual library specializing in providing services to children and youth across Puerto Rico.  We are a bilingual library with over 20,000 fiction and non-fiction books in Spanish and English. The library offers a safe and comfortable environment where children and youth can improve their ability to read. For more information about our activities, please refer to the Library Services and Educational Programs sections in the main menu.

How is the library run on a regular day?

The executive director is responsible for overseeing the daily operations including: the development of the collection of books, encyclopedias and magazines, achieve and maintain technical equipment, maintain and develop the card holder, coordinating school visits and receiving visitors, and write proposals to keep the library at the service of the community. The Director has been endorsed by Members AmeriCorps VISTA ( “Volunteers in Service to America,” administered by the “Corporation for National and Community Service,” PR & USVI State Office) since 1995. We currently have two volunteers VISTA service who are responsible to: coordinate computer center services, planning and story hours, plan activities and promote the library memberships and volunteering. They also help with fundraising. Each Member VISTA works 40 hours a week. The Vista also planned and conducted summer camps. Other Contributors: ICPR Junior College – Mayagüez and the Instituto de Banca y Comercio (IBC) provide us with work-study students to complete their hours of community work in the library program. Their tasks include helping people to get information, make copies and handling of books. Master students in the class of Children’s Literature RUM help us in cataloging books, story hours, translators and other activities. The “Retired Seniors Volunteer Program” (RSVP) program, administered by the Department of the Family, send us people 55 or older to work in the library. They receive a refund of diet and transportation if they offer four hours of daily service. They help us with people we receive daily, keep books and promote the library around our community. Students in higher schools, parents, retired teachers and civic clubs, also help us by volunteering their time and knowledge, enabling our service to the community.

How does the Library sustain itself?

BANCO POPULAR PUERTO RICO is the main sponsor of the BJM; It provides us the local library, maintenance, and utilities. In addition the bank helps us to promote our activities, giving us access to their public relations department. We received contributions to other operating expenses: Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) Children’s Literature for Children of Atlanta, GA Municipality of Mayagüez Civic Organizations including the International Friendship Club ICPR Junior College and Instituto de Banca y Comercio (IBC) Foundations Griffin, Sobel, room and Angel Ramos Donors individual membership dues.