Friends of the Mayagüez Children’s Library

FRIENDS OF THE MCL (“Amigos”) are special backers of the MCL/BJM. With cash donations, small or larger, they help us cover our operating expenses, the largest of which is administration. Typically, foundations and other grantors give money to fund programs, but not to pay an organization’s operational expenses. Most Amigos are members of the western Puerto Rico community, but we also have Friends whose principal residence is outside PR.

OUR MISSION is to help ensure a strong future for the Mayaguez Children’s Library by obtaining funds and in-kind donations that support its basic operating expenses and programs.  (For more information see About Us.)

We believe that libraries are essential to individuals and to a strong and vibrant community.

  • They play an essential role in developing children’s curiosity and creativity and in supporting their academic success in a rapidly changing world. By showing children that reading is fun, we encourage them to become better readers, building a foundation upon which they can continue learning and expanding their horizons throughout their lives.
  • The future and strength of communities depends on the strength and talents of its citizens. In providing people with the resources they need to pursue their interests and expand their horizons, libraries contribute to the development of informed individuals that make better decisions which benefit the society as a whole.


Basic Services:

  • Book and DVD loans for children, young adults and adults
  • Free use of 12 windows computers in our Computer Center
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Quiet public reading and work area

Programs (depending on availability of staff and funding)

  • Reading in schools
  • Special reading activities and workshops at the library
  • Tutoring or supervised homework
  • Computer classes for adults
  • Job and community service training and experience for young adults

If you believe that western Puerto Rico will benefit from an even stronger MCL/BJM, join Amigos, the special friends of the library. A donation of $25.00 or more gives you a year’s individual membership in the library.  Whatever the size of your donation, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping our children to have a better future.


  1. Deliver your donation to the library in cash or send a check or money order to: Biblioteca Juvenil/Mayagüez Children’s Library, 53 E Calle de la Candelaria Edifico Banco Popular, 3er piso, Mayagüez, PR 00680,
  2. Donate using ATH Móvil pATH /bibliotecajuvenil,
  3. Donate online through PayPal.